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What’s holding you back?

People often ask themselves, “how can I be a better person, or how can I help someone in need, or better yet how can I be a hero in someone’s life?” We can definitely help and guide you with the answers to your questions. As of today, there are 115,000 people waiting for an organ transplant. Unfortunately, we do not have enough donors to save all these people and many die because their bodies cannot hold out waiting for a transplant.

The way you can help is to become an living organ donor and give someone like Stoney a second chance of life. That’s when you become a better person, you can help someone in need, but more importantly you can become a hero in someone’s life, possibly Stoney’s life. Please continue to follow and share Stoneys story on Facebook at A Kidney For Stoney

We urge you to take the first step, plant that seed, ask questions, don’t wait - be a living donor TODAY!

You can also go to www.carolinashealthcare.org/transplant for more info on becoming a "Living Donor" or call 704-355-3602. #akidneyforstoney #giftoflife #stoneyneedsakidney #livingdonor #raiseawareness #whatifyouwereamatch

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